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Dermatophytes Testimonials

Introduction of Dermatophyte
Dermatophyte infections, also known as tinea, are the most common fungal infections of the skin, hair, and nails. The term “dermatophyte” refers to fungal species that infect keratinized tissue, and includes members of the Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton genera. Dermatophytes are spread by direct contact from other people, animals, soil, and from fomites.

There are few ways to kill bacteria / virus:
1. Dehydrating it
2. Suffocating it
3. De-structure its characteristics

BIOION water-based sanitizer works more on de-structuring the bacteria or viruses (de-structure its characteristics), it can kill them much easier and safer to use on all type of skins, even safe on baby.

Use BIOION water-based sanitizer as an antiseptic, we notice recovery in 12 days.

Also, for skin sensitivity problems like eczema, it’s proven that BIOION water-based sanitizer can control itchiness almost immediately, one of the citric ingredient found in our product works well with collagen to help aid the skin recovery with minimum

Bioion is years of research from Japan tech team using ingredients from plant extract techniques. Safe for human skin especially sensitive skin and even safe to gargle into mouth to eliminate gums causing bacteria.

Taken May 8, 2009

Day 1
Using a topical cream for about a year before it began to use Bioion applied three times a day.


Taken May 12, 2009

Day 5
Began to improve slightly affected.


Taken May 19, 2009

Day 12
Improve without itching.


A Case Study For Bioion Kobe Oji Zoo, Japan September 2010

Kobe Oji Zoo were having problems with odours in the building as well as seriously injured or sick animals to be addressed.
The BIOION Sanitizer / BIOION Pets Pounce was introduced and used here. The following are some examples:

Case 1 Asian elephant "Suwako" pressure sores (Yokusou same) and treatment of nail abscess
The oldest Japan (age 64) Suwako the Asian elephant is heavy weight, at night while lying down to sleep, the in ankle is susceptible to injury in the subcutaneous issue and skin near the cheek. The affected areas are cleaned using BIOION daily to prevent progression and recurrence, after using BIOION the problem has been eradicated and cleaned. Crack and abscesses inside the brittle nails are also washed using BIOION.

案例1 Suwako,日本最长寿的亚洲大象(64岁)以它的重量在夜间而躺着睡。脚踝和附近的脸颊容易受伤害。每日利用生物离子洁净受影响的部位以防止恶化和复发,在使用后问题已被根除。裂纹盒指甲脆内脓肿也可以利用生物离子BIOION洗。

Case 2 Treatment of Pressure ulcers (Yokusou same) for Minamishirosai
Minamishirosai (age 23, male) with estimated weight of more than two tons had pressure sores on the outside of the thigh. As in the daily use of BIOION on Suwako, the Asian Elephant, the product has been used here as well to eradicate and control the pressure sores.

案例2 Minamishirosai(23岁,雄性)估计超过2吨的体重为面对大腿的外压疮问题。如像亚洲大象Suwako在日常使用生物离子BIOION,该也可被被用来消除和控制压疮。

Case 3 Abscess (Youbunouyou come) on cheek of deer
The deer are grazing animals, so they have a common problem of abscess on the cheek skin caused stems of plants. To clean the surgical area during surgery to remove an abscess, BIOION was used.

案例3 鹿属放牧的动物,所以它们对皮肤造成的脸颊脓肿常见的问题,在手术过程中采用生物离子BIOION清理手术区并消除脓肿。

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