By Sarawak Pet shop Malaysia 🇲🇾
By Sarawak Pet shop , Malaysia 🇲🇾
Sprayed to cat ears, morning x1, evening x1 ... result in about 1.5 weeks.
Michael Bato Philippines 🇵🇭
April 26th, 2019
Michael Bato , Philippines 🇵🇭
(Testimonies from our Philippines Rep. nephew)
Infected by brestan chemical. Got burned.
Sprayed with Bioion Pets Pounce , every 1-2 hrs.
April 30th, 2019
Amazingly after 5 days!

By Kedah Cat Owner Malaysia 🇲🇾
By Kedah Cat Owner , Malaysia 🇲🇾
Cat with tumor on ear, sprayed about x3 time / day ... tumor fell off in 10days .
By Selangor Hamster Owner Malaysia 🇲🇾
By Selangor Hamster Owner, Malaysia 🇲🇾
Spray on injured skin ... about 5 days recovery.

By Perak Pets Shop Malaysia 🇲🇾
By Perak Pets Shop, Malaysia 🇲🇾
Snake skin injury, sprayed x2/day ... result in 5 days.

By Vietnam Vets Clinic Vietnam 🇻🇳
By Vietnam Vets Clinic 🇻🇳
Spray x3 times/day , result in 8 days.
Philippines Veterinary Philippines 🇵🇭
1. Tested n Effective against fungi.
2. Ear mites, dirt, odor etc
3. Circle around n clean eyes stain, kill bacteria etc
4. Very safe to clean whole face, inside mouth, teeth , pee n poo organ. Dry bath for puppy n kitten, etc
5. If dog or cat are not feeling well, or after taking a jab for vaccination etc ... Usually not advisable to shower, wipes use as cleaning n killing bacteria and odor.

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